All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays (album released 2020)

All Our Yesterdays is the first album by the soulful Canadian rockers O6, and captures the love this five-piece band has for classic songwriting, heartfelt performances and singalong melodies.

o6 album cover

All Our Yesterdays features nine original songs (eight with full band, one an instrumental guitar introduction to the title track) that draw inspiration from the band’s life in Edmonton, Alberta.

O6’s throwback influences and roots run deep throughout the album, from the swagger of Stones-esque opener Victims of Valentines and gentle acoustic pop of Tonight in Black and White, to the echoes of Abbey Road in Unstable Air, to the guitar snarls of Lost in the Flood and fist pumps of Whyte Avenue Riot that would probably have brought a smile and an appreciative head nod from Tom Petty.

Main vocals are handled by chief songwriter Jeff McLellan (except Unstable Air, sung by keyboardist Christopher Nash), backed up by the harmonies of Nash and drummer Anthony Chubb, as well as instrumentally by lead guitarist Jorg Bauer and bassist Mike Berg. The band recorded, arranged and produced the album themselves in a slow but steady process of setting up their gear in a Leduc, Alberta classroom, week after week over a span of two years, to knock off all the tracks and overdubs. The album was then painstakingly edited and mixed by Chubb in his music studio.

The album was released June 5, 2020, on all digital streaming services.

Track listing

  1. Victims of Valentines
  2. Tonight in Black and White
  3. Whyte Avenue Riot
  4. Unstable Air
  5. Tomorrows
  6. All Our Yesterdays
  7. Lost in the Flood
  8. Still Falling
  9. Drive Tonight

Album credits

Jeff McLellan – lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Christopher Nash – vocals, piano and keyboards
Jorg Bauer – electric, acoustic and slide guitars
Mike Berg – bass
Anthony Chubb – vocals, drums and percussion

“All Our Yesterdays”
All songs written by McLellan/Nash/Bauer/Berg/Chubb. (©2020)
Produced by O6.
Recorded and mixed by Anthony Chubb in Leduc and Edmonton, Alberta.
Mastered by Diego Fernandez Trujilo at Oracle Studios.
Album cover art by Christopher Nash